Estate Planning

Michigan Estate Administration and Probate Services

The moment of truth for the quality of any estate plan arrives when it's time to start probating a will, administer a trust, and work toward the distribution of assets to heirs and beneficiaries. A close familiarity with Michigan probate law and procedures will also go far to protect the integrity of a well-crafted estate plan. If you need help with probating a will, estate or trust administration, or even guardianship proceedings, contact a lawyer at Adkison, Need, Allen, & Rentrop in Bloomfield Hills.

We serve probate clients in Oakland County and Southeast Michigan

How quickly probating a will winds up as the estate depends on the estate's size and complexity. Careful estate planning can qualify even affluent families for the quicker unsupervised probate process, which typically takes about six months without complications. Larger estates can take longer due to the increased notice and reporting obligations of supervised probate in Michigan.

Our probate attorneys advise executors, personal representatives, and administrators of the steps that will need to be taken in the circumstances of each case. Our experience with probate procedures throughout Southeast Michigan can help assure the timely and accurate completion of all essential tasks and a smooth transfer of assets.

We also advise and represent out-of-state executors, personal representatives, administrators and trustees with Michigan probate responsibilities. We can usually handle all of the details of probating a will, estate or trust administration without the need for you to return to Michigan.

We Offer Sound Advice in Michigan Guardianship and Conservatorship Cases

Michigan probate courts have jurisdiction over matters related to guardians and conservators as well as trusts and estates. If you need advice about your family's options for the care of an elderly parent or vulnerable adult child, we can explain how guardianship of the person or conservatorship of property can operate to provide essential protection. Because these remedies by their nature are intrusive and often the subject of intense debate within families, we will also try to find ways to find effective solutions without the need for the formal appointment of a guardian or conservator. Our lawyers offer comprehensive client service in all aspects of estate planning, trust and estate administration, and probating a will.

To learn more about our probate practice, contact a lawyer at Adkison, Need, Allen, & Rentrop in Bloomfield Hills.

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