Probate Litigation

Southeast Michigan Probate Litigation Attorneys

From time to time, problems with the probate of a will, issues involving the conduct of a trustee, guardian, or personal representative, or questions as to the legal capacity of a testator or trust settlor will require probate court intervention to resolve disputed facts and claims. For dependable advice about Michigan probate litigation, contact an experienced trial attorney at Adkison, Need, Allen, & Rentrop in Bloomfield Hills.

We handle probate litigation in Oakland County and Southeast Michigan

With long experience in both estate administration and probate court litigation, our lawyers know how to assert claims and defenses in terms that will make an impact on a probate court judge. Perhaps to greater benefit is our ability to achieve our clients' goals through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution techniques, even in situations where family relationships are strained and the divisions between factions run deep.

The following are examples of the kinds of cases we handle in probate court on behalf of heirs, beneficiaries, trustees, executors, guardians, or personal representatives:

  • Claims of undue influence or lack of capacity in connection with the execution of a will or trust instrument
  • Disputes between trusts and estates as to title of a given asset
  • Business or real estate valuation problems
  • Business ownership or management succession disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims against trustees, executors, personal representatives, guardians or other fiduciaries
  • Asset transfer issues concerning joint accounts or disputed gifts
  • Guardianship or conservatorship issues ranging from disputes as to the need for a guardian to the performance of an appointed guardian or conservator

Our practical and flexible approach to the resolution of probate disputes can save you litigation expense while increasing the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

For additional information about the scope of our Michigan probate litigation practice and our approach to client service on sensitive issues, contact an experienced lawyer at Adkison, Need, Allen, & Rentrop.

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