Kelly Allen speaks at MDA's Annual Michigan Downtowns Conference

Kelly Allen will join a panel discussion on trends in the craft alcohol industry.

Estate Planning

Our attorneys develop estate plans for both individuals and small businesses. 

Probate Litigation

We handle probate litigation in Oakland County and Southeast Michigan.

From time to time, problems arise during the probate of a will, issues involving the conduct of a trustee, guardian, or personal representative, or questions as to the legal capacity of a testator or trust settlor will require probate court intervention to resolve disputed facts and claims. For dependable advice about Michigan probate litigation, contact an experienced trial attorney at Adkison, Need, Allen, & Rentrop in Bloomfield Hills.

Probate Estate & Guardian Administration

We serve probate clients in Oakland County and Southeast Michigan

Library Law

Whether you are an existing library in need of independent legal representation, or a community or group seeking to establish a new library, our Library Law practice can help.

Property Tax Appeal

Property Tax Appeals for Business and Family Clients

Land Use & Zoning

Reliable Advice on Michigan Land Use and Zoning Issues

Municipal Law

Dependable Counsel on Michigan Municipal Law Issues

With the growing complexity of regulatory restrictions on businesses in all industries, many Southeast Michigan companies have come to rely on Adkison, Need, Allen, & Rentrop for advice and representation on licensing, permitting and enforcement matters. Our attorneys serve as counsel for municipalities throughout the area, and we can apply our municipal law experience to your advantage.

Michigan Liquor Control Commission Hearings

Michigan Liquor Control Commission

The Governor of Michigan selects five members to lead the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. These members control the traffic of alcohol within the state. The MLCC regulates individuals or businesses involved in the selling and distribution of alcohol, and protects those who are consuming it.

Protecting Your Liquor License

We Protect the Value of Your Michigan Liquor License

If you're thinking of acquiring, establishing or operating a Michigan bar, restaurant or other retail establishment, you should understand that the cost of the business is one thing, and the value of the liquor license that can drive its profits is quite another. At Adkison, Need, Allen, & Rentrop, our full-service representation for companies involved with any aspect of the liquor industry includes special attention to the constant challenge of keeping your license in full compliance.


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