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Business Litigation

Resolving Michigan Business Disputes the Right Way

If a breach of contract or municipal enforcement proceeding threatens to land your company in court, you're already facing a tough business decision: do we fight it or settle it? At Adkison, Need, Allen & Rentrop our lawyers have all been to court before, so we don't need to prove anything by rushing you into a lawsuit if we can show you a better approach.

Our business litigation attorneys offer a full range of dispute resolution services, and we regard civil court action as just one option among many that might meet your goals. Contact one of our attorneys in Bloomfield Hills to learn how we can guide you toward the effective and efficient resolution of any business dispute.

Business litigation works best when you choose it on your own terms

There's a lot more to business, commercial or corporate litigation than filing a stack of papers and charging off to court. We advise our business clients to view civil litigation as a last resort that should nevertheless be kept in mind as we pursue other options that will likely cost you less. Our job is to protect you from liability, enforce the commitments of others, and help you define and achieve practical litigation goals at the least possible expense.

In most cases, that means developing litigation leverage and applying it in focused negotiations. In a growing number of situations, arbitration or mediation will get the job done faster and more efficiently than a civil lawsuit. When necessary, however, we can present your claims or defenses in district court, circuit court, federal district court, or any appeals court.

As regulatory burdens increase and grow more complex, our business clients find that many of their litigation problems involve regulatory or enforcement proceedings before state or local administrative hearing boards. Many of us are experienced municipal lawyers on issues ranging from land use to Michigan liquor licenses, and our familiarity with the special demands of administrative hearings and appellate practice can give you a formidable advantage. We also represent property tax clients before a local board of review or the State Tax Tribunal.

Don't rule out ADR as a way to resolve litigation problems

Such alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques as binding arbitration and facilitated mediation have emerged as increasingly viable approaches to controlling the costs and risks of civil litigation. Founding partner Phillip Adkison is a trained facilitative mediator, and he can help you make the most of ADR to resolve your business dispute. He can also serve as a third-party neutral to help settle problems in construction, real estate, condominium / homeowners, and corporate or commercial law.

To learn how our litigation experience can help you find the right approach to the satisfactory resolution of your business dispute, contact a southeast Michigan trial attorney at Adkison, Need, Allen, & Rentrop in Bloomfield Hills.