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Property Tax Appeals

Property Tax Appeals for Business and Family Clients

In difficult economic times, property taxes can be a significant part of the budget for property owners. Property tax revenues are also a significant source of funding for municipal budgets. It is essential that property be assessed so that each property owner bears only their fair share of the tax burden. Homeowners can receive a property tax reassessment for their property value. Due to a decline in market value, it is possible to have your property taxes reduced as well. For assistance in a property tax reassessment, contact a Michigan property tax attorney at Adkison, Need, Allen, & Rentrop in Bloomfield Hills.

We serve clients in Oakland County and Southeast Michigan

With long experience in both municipal law and local administrative hearing practice, our lawyers assist with the finer points as well as the basics of Michigan property tax appeals on behalf of municipalities, businesses, and homeowners.

During your property tax reassessment we will analyze your situation and find out where you need to go to resolve a problem with overstated property values, business revenues or mischaracterized uses. We can represent you before the local City or Township Boards of review, where most cases are first heard, and then seek relief, if necessary, from the Michigan Tax Tribunal.

The timing and procedures of Michigan property tax appeals can be highly technical, and most local appeals can only be brought at certain times of the year. We recommend that anyone interested in a property tax reassessment call us promptly so that you don't miss an important deadline which would eliminate your right to appeal.

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For additional information about our ability to represent your interests effectively in a property tax appeal, contact an experienced administrative hearings lawyer at Adkison, Need, Allen, & Rentrop.